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The purpose of this page is to highlight the many student-initiated groups that use the Native American Cultural Center as a hub for group activities. These groups exist across many disciplines to ensure that all our Native students at Stanford have a place to express their truest versions of themselves and feel supported in their interests and passions. Here, you can find the foundational information for every Native student organization, how to join these groups, when the next event is, and more!

Groups that allow students to interact with our living cultures and make the community a home away from home.

Groups that actively support, strengthen networks, and create opportunities for students to succeed in different professional fields.

Groups focused on building and maintaining a thriving community.

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Community Spotlight

SAIO 50th Anniversary

The Stanford American Indian Organization (SAIO) celebrated their 50th birthday on October 21, 2020! SAIO hosted several virtual events to mark the occasion including the Change Makers Panel.


The event featured distinguished keynote speakers Denni Woodward, Assistant Dean and Associate Director of the Native American Cultural Center, and Jim Larimore, former Assistant Dean and Director of the Native American Cultural Center ('85-99).  


Most of these student groups utilize the Native American Cultural Center (NACC) for their weekly meetings and events.  The NACC is located on the ground floor of the Old Union Clubhouse, same building as the Cardinal Ballroom.

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